A monkey called Robby


Recently I made a story about the circus monkey called Robby, you can read it over on

Arthur Wagner, Reportage

Last week I did a reportage for Der Spiegel about Arthur Wagner - a member of the german right-wing party AfD who has recently converted to islam. You can read the story here.

Refugees on Sylt

Last month I did a small story about refugees on the german island of Sylt.

Hamburg Wilhelmsburg Bar

While working on the story about human trafficking in Hamburg, I came along this bar in Wilhelmsburg where all kinds of immigrants meet during night and day. They drink and laugh and sing and sleep there, waiting to get their own flat and a regular job.

Ismail Cetinkaya for Der Spiegel

Some time ago I did a story on Ismail Cetinkaya, a MMA-Fighter from Hamburg, as a part of a greater story about islam in germany.

Babo geht kämpfen, tearsheet

The story about the yezidi communty Özlem and me worked on, got published yesterday. You can take a look at the full tearsheet and you can read the story online. Also take a look at the facebook page of Paruar - the guy featured in the story - for more pictures and information.

First impressions from Palestine

A few days ago I came back from a 20-day-trip to Palestine/Israel where I was traveling with Christian Salewski. We were working on a few storys there and I hope I will be able to show you much more soon. Sofar most images are held back because they will get (hopefully) published soon. Anyhow, here is a smal selection of images that are not directly connected with our story. Tell me what you think!

Thats it for now! Stay tuned.