ILYF - Ben

ILYF or I Like Your Face is a series where I take portraits of friends or random people from all walks of life i got to know recently and liked.


A monkey called Robby


Recently I made a story about the circus monkey called Robby, you can read it over on spiegel.de

New Portraits in the Portfolio

I have redone a large selection of my Portrait Portfolio today and didnt want to simply delete the photos that got replaced, so i decided to post them here.

Feel free to tell me what you think about the new pictures, much appreciated!

old, removed, pictures:

Arthur Wagner, Reportage

Last week I did a reportage for Der Spiegel about Arthur Wagner - a member of the german right-wing party AfD who has recently converted to islam. You can read the story here.


Just some quick portraits I did of a friend of mine a few days ago.