Die Unsichtbaren

A reportage about the living conditions of Sinti and Roma in Belgrade and Skopje. I got a glimpse of the lives of two families, one in Serbia and one in Macedonia, and was allowed to document their daily lives for a brief period of time. What connects both families, beside the struggle to make ends meet and the very hostile environment set up by the society, is their wish to start a better life in Germany.

The text is written by Özlem Gezer.

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I took the pictures during a road trip trough serbia in 2008, and to be honest, it is more about myself than about the country. It is a fragmented collection of memories, of people I met and experiences I had. I wanted to experience the place where my roots are from, but of which I know so little because I grew up 2.000 kilometers up north.

I went fishing with a seaman, cut wood with lumberjacks, attended a funeral, lived in a monastery, looked after a herd with a shepherd, took a shower with coal workers and met a family I didn't knew I had.
Dont look at this book as a photoessay about Serbia, it is more about me, like a diary.

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